Even deodorant isn’t safe from the pumpkin spice craze

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Just when you thought companies were running out of pumpkin spice ideas…

Native Deodorant, which makes all-natural versions of its eponymous product, crafted a pumpkin spice-scented version for the fall.

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Ciara Appelbaum tested the deodorant for Business Insider. Unfortunately, it did not pass the smell test. (Forgive the pun.)

While the product “truly smelled just like a pumpkin spice latte you’d get at Starbucks,” Appelbaum claimed the deodorant “burned every time I applied it” and didn’t seem to do its intended job:

“I went about my day as usual, but by around lunchtime I could already smell myself. That was embarrassing and unusual for me.

“I tossed it up to it being a particularly warm fall day in New York. However, I smelled terrible by the end of every day that week, even on chillier ones.”

She concluded that “some things should never be pumpkin spiced.”

But would you try this deodorant?

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