Some fashion choices are timeless. Ruby red lipstick and your favorite tailored blazer are classic styles that always put off an air of a youthful appearance. With Hollywood stars seeming to never age (Hello, how is Betty White 96 years old and still looking like a Queen?) and face tuning becoming the norm on social media, it seems as if 50 is the new 30.

However, once you cross over the hump (or hill, whichever you prefer), it doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing the type of fashion your mother pulled off when she was your age. While items like chunky heels, short silk scarves, and brooches were in fashion at the time, they don’t work for today’s fashion trends.

Today we are sharing with you some of the worst fashion mistakes that actually make you look older than you actually are. Leave those days of wanted to look older back in your teen years.

1.  Baggy Pants

A lot of people, no matter the age, look to baggy pants to hide little blemishes and rolls. However, whatever your body type, baggy pants will always make you look bigger than you actually are and will draw attention to the areas you are trying to hide.

To combat this, find a nice pair of Mom Jeans (yes, they are in fashion right now), a fitted pair of skinny jeans, or even a tailored wide-leg pant.

2. Long Hair

Long voluminous hair looks adorable on little girls, but once you start to reach the age where the greys are starting to peek out, it’s time to head to the hairdresser. Stick to hair lengths a little below the shoulder and shorter. Whether you have straight hair or curly, look for a cut that frames your face.

3. Thick Eyeliner

Leave your thick eyeliner days in the past with your mini skirts. Thick eyeliner tends to weigh your face down, making you seem older. Stick to cosmetics that match your skin tone and go light with the blush.

4. Brooches

While brooches add a pop of color to an outfit, its best to leave them in your jewelry box. Most items of clothing do not require a brooch, so banish this style mistake while you have the chance.

5. Jersey Dresses

Jersey fabric is so comfortable, it’s as if you’re wearing a t-shirt, but that doesn’t mean you should turn it into a dress. Stick to buying jersey v-necks rather than something that can double as a nightie.

6. Wearing All Black

Black is slimming, right? Wrong! Wearing a completely black outfit from head to toe is a bit of an overkill. However, with that in mind, black will always be a fashionable color. Pop on a statement belt with your black dress and a hint of color in your shoes. And for the love of Pete please keep away from the dark lipsticks when wearing black.

7. Chunky Jewelry

Simple is best and doesn’t weigh you down. Opt for a single gold post earring or delicate hoops for a sophisticated addition to any outfit.

8. The Wrong Size Bra

When was the last time you went to a bra fitting? If your answer ends in “years” it’s time to head to your nearest lingerie store. You can also follow this online guide to do it yourself in the comfort in your home.

Not only will a well-fitted bra keep your puppies pushed up all day, but it’ll also help with back pain and posture.

9. Florals

If there’s one pattern that I always see taking over the Women’s section in the department store it’s florals. Stay away from gaudy large prints and take a step into modernizing it with small prints broken up with solids.

10. Out of Date Eyeglasses

Are you still wearing your old glasses? Not only should you get your eyes checked regularly, try out a new style that frames your face. Glasses are totally a fashion statement now.

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