Little League World Series Moment Restores Faith in Humanity

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Oklahoma and Texas East Little League players and onlookers just had a rare and heart touching moment during a world series game. After the batter for Oklahoma accidentally was slammed in the head by the pitcher’s ball, he did something incredible. Not only did the kid rub his head and get up, but he then went and comforted the pitcher.

The pitcher, Bubs, was crying, obviously shaken up by the accident. The kid who was hit was standing at a base. He then tossed his helmet aside, walked over to the pitcher, and gave him a hug. He let the other kid know it was alright.

“Wow, that is a tough kid right there,” says a commentator.

“This is such great sportsmanship. He wants him to know that it’s okay, that he’ll be fine,” the commentator added.

An umpire then continued to comfort Bubs while the batter walked back to his base. Then the cameras panned to the people in the bleachers, one who was crying.

Twitter viewers agreed that the moment was one that restored faith in humanity. The video has already received nearly 11 Million views.

Twitter comments lavished admiration on the moment.

“One of the most special scenes I’ve ever seen in a Little League game before. That really moved me, watching from home,” said one person.

“This made my day,” said another.

“Both sets of parents should be proud,” added another. “Raising a son who empathizes and doesn’t want to hurt people is pretty awesome, too.”

“Our entire Nation should watch and learn from this incredibly touching moment on a Little League Baseball field.”

One person had a refreshingly honest comment:

“Damn it – just when I ready to go full cynical twitter mode, you see a great act of humanity. Love it”

Needless to say, the boy who gave that hug showed the world what being a good sport is. Let’s all hope that future generations keep it up. Hats off to these Little League stars.

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