Remember When People Put Glittery Jewels on Their Cat’s Butts, Because They Could?

The pitch was simple: Are you one of those people that is tired of looking at your cat’s butt?


Have you ever thought about it before you clicked in and read that sentence? Apparently someone did. And they had a solution for the problem… kind of.

Anyways, no matter where you turn your cat is always showing off that they are mocking you, living their best life. What if I told you but there was a way to eliminate that view. Introducing the Twinkle Tush, a fancy cat accessory made to cover your felines gluteus maximus.

Apparently, people are using these $6 cat jewelry gems to decorate their furry cats. For only $6, your cat can be stylish as you. The jewelry gem is a gag gift from the designer behind cat crib and it looks absolutely ridiculous. Although I appreciate that they want to hide these cat buttholes, this to me just seems a bit too much.

Can you imagine going to your friend’s house and seeing their cat, only when it turns around you see the litter sticking outside of his butt.

Sorry, but you can’t get it anymore.

What do you think?

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