Kim Kardashian Hopes Kids Will ‘Appreciate Her Silence’ Amid Drama With Ex-Husband Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian consistently places her children as her top priority!

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During a heartfelt discussion with her mother, Kris Jenner, in the latest episode of Season 3 of The Kardashians, the 42-year-old revealed the impact of public controversies with her ex-partner Kanye West on their four children. The former couple share 4-year-old Psalm, 5-year-old Chicago, 7-year-old Saint and 9-year-old North.

“I still feel the need to not talk about it and protect it from my kids and I always will feel that way but God, if people knew,” Kardashian revealed. “I would just never do that to my kids.”

Discussing the highs and lows of their relationships, Kardashian revealed that she dedicated countless hours as the one responsible for resolving issues and conflicts. Which Jenner pointed out why divorce was the right option for both of them.

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“It’s the hardest feeling to watch someone you really loved, and you have a family with be so different than what you knew,” Kardashian stated.

Jenner expressed her concern, speculating that their eldest child, North, might be exposed to certain information, though she may choose not to share it with her mom.

Kardashian, on the other hand, explained that she has implemented a policy to shield the children from any awareness whenever their father is the subject of media attention.

“It’s a chain to my whole household. No TV, only Apple TV,” she stated, saying she “can’t risk” them seeing something they don’t want to see.

“I have to figure out a way to protect and so they still haven’t seen anything, but I go into crisis mode,” Kardashian stated. “I am the one being accused for and being blamed for so many things. And it really, really is hurtful and it sucks, but I can control how I react and I can control if I’m a mess. Then my kids will see that.”

She continued, “I really do believe that one day, my kids will appreciate my silence, my understanding, and my grace, and I will try to keep it together at all times.”

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