Dog Loves Sprinkler So Much He Brings it Inside Through Doggy Door

If this was your dog, would you really be able to get mad at this? Yes. The answer is yes. Though maybe not at first. Your first reaction would probably be, “Haha oh Jerry* you old so and so.” But twenty minutes later, after you’ve gone through your twelfth roll of paper towels and the room is still soaking wet, you’ll be cursing that dog’s existence, even while it sits there and smiles a dumb, sweet smile at you, as if it say, “Aren’t I fun!”

*Jerry is a great dog name don’t @ me.

Actually, check that. You’d probably stop finding it funny the second you had to figure out how to wrestle that sprinkler back out the doggy door as fast as you can before any electronics or furniture get messed up. (And without slipping and eating it on the wet tile floor.) All while Jerry is going wild trying to get in on what he thinks is more fun sprinkler action. Jumping around you all like, “YOU’VE JOINED IN! THIS IS WONDERFUL! I KNEW IT WAS A GOOD IDEA! SPRINKLERS FOREVER!”

There is absolutely no chance that wouldn’t be a rage-inducing exercise.

u/Spinolio of Reddit first shared the picture online, before it went viral.

Friend of a friend’s pooch dragged the sprinkler in through the doggy door… from funny

Clearly, though, this is a dog that lives its life to the fullest and wants to share his joys with others. Specifically his owners. For that, we have to commend the pup. That’s just plain nice. A total dog move.

But man, you know this dog’s cleverness is probably a pain in the ass all the time. This seems like the type of dog that opens cabinets and eats a pound of its kibble. The type of dog that definitely knows how to get out of its backyard if it sees a rabbit that looks particularly fun to chase.

Still, though, it’s a dog, so it rules.

This article was originally published on July 20, 2018.

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