Take a tour of Nicole Richie’s charming backyard chicken coop

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Actress and fashionista Nicole Richie started raising chickens three years ago, but when she moved, the birds needed a new home too.

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So she built the five chickens new digs, but not an ordinary chicken coop.

She made sure it was an exact replica of her own home.

“The new house didn’t have a coop,” Richie tells Architectural Digest. “We had to build them one, so we did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style. I wanted one color palette throughout. It’s gray.”

While she wanted “very cute little sections”—five small boxes for the chickens to lay eggs—she soon found out who really rules the roost.

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“They actually just lay eggs all over the place, so that was just a romantic idea I had, I guess.”

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