People Are Apparently Using Miniature Beer Donkeys To Serve Drinks At Their Wedding

I live for extravagant weddings. It’s a day that everyone waits for because you want to celebrate your love with big romantic gestures to tie the knot. I get it, I really really do. So when someone invites me to a wedding I always wait to see what special and bizarre thing they included. Like beer donkeys.

This is actually a thing, and I am really shocked because it’s been a thing since 2015. Apparently in Texas during a Texas Hill Country Events wedding, local caterers approached Alisha Randig telling her about a customer request for burros. Which honestly, I totally would have mistaken that for burritos, but no, burros, meaning miniature donkeys. So obviously, Randing searched through Craigslist and purchased two, one named Annie Oakley and the other name John Wayne. One thing led to another and her little herd grew to six.

These loving friendly animals are actually a high demand and are used to serve snacks, beers during cocktail hour or the wedding itself, hand out party favors, or act as walking photo booths. Pretty much all kinds of different stuff you can serve at a wedding that a beer burro can hold in a basket.

As expected, the idea of donkey serving alcohol spread very very quickly that even a company in California, called Little Burro Events, adapted the sweet little animals to their requests serving up weddings in Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco. So yeah, new wedding trend here we come.

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All dressed in their flowers and other wedding finery, these burritos make the event pretty special if you ask me. They’re cuddly and cute, so why not pet them as they bring you alcohol! So yeah, sure I’m all for it. I just can’t wait for PETA to say something about this and say we’re abusing these poor donkeys. Because Peta, you know, does that kind of thing.

How much are the wedding burro’s, you ask? Well, they are a bit pricey, but can you blame them? It’s hard to find donkeys that people are just willing to sell. So, one beer donkey for one hour can be up to $1000, two donkeys for one hour and a half is $3000. This according to Little Burrito Events, who do state that there is a minimum of one hour and one and a half-hour maximum because these donkeys do get tired from serving so much alcohol to drunk people. And we don’t want any accidents happening with drunk people and donkeys.

Hey if you decide to use a donkey for your big day, can you invite me? I promise to pet all the beer burros!

This article was originally published on May 1, 2019.

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