Remember When Dr. Phil Got Triggered By A Guest Who Showed Up Dressed Like Him?

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Several years ago, Dr. Phil hosted the creator of “Bumfights,” who took it upon himself to dress up exactly like Dr. Phil. The display was so atrocious, Dr. Phil had the guest removed.

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Before showing the footage produced by the Bumfights creator, Dr. Phil prefaced by saying that the footage is disturbing and should not be shown to children. He was not kidding.

The guest had effectively made a fortune by having the mentally broken, homeless population humiliate themselves on camera. The Bumfights creator claimed that he was helping these people. Instead of just handing them some pocket change, he helped them get what they wanted. He was also profiting on some people’s dangerous tendency to be fascinated by violence.

Remember When Dr. Phil Got Triggered By A Guest Who Showed Up Dressed Like Him?

As common sense and Dr. Phil agree, this man’s work is downright evil. The guest had captured footage of a man who guzzled alcohol and pulled his teeth for the heck of it, with tools provided by Bumfights, as seen in the video provided by CBS.

Before the video finished, Dr. Phil said: “Stop the tape, stop the tape,” as he made the ‘timeout’ signal with his hands. As the tape stopped, the screen revealed the maniac who created the videos. The camera centered on the man who had shaved his head and grew out his mustache to look like Dr. Phil’s twin.

Unfazed by the hilarious accuracy of the outfit, Dr. Phil demanded that he leave, saying: “I don’t want to talk to you.” In disbelief the guest sneeringly asked: “Why not?” He then tried to argue that Dr. Phil was the one exploiting his guests, not Bumfights exploiting homeless people. To that Dr. Phil responded: “Yeah, keep telling yourself that. You can go.”

Acting like a boy who just reached adolescence the guest exclaimed: “Who do you think you are?” as security escorted him off the stage.

Too bad the man was insane; he pulled off the perfect Dr. Phill look.

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