Bengals Fan Delivers Brutal Head Butt While Being Arrested(Video)

The Cincinnati Bengals have been struggling early this football season. The dismal outlook has seriously affected Bengals fans, one in particular.

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Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals gave it their best shot this past Sunday, but it was not enough to overcome the Ravens. The Bengals went down 27 to 24. The loss was incredibly disheartening, especially after being torn apart by the Browns the previous week.

Overflowing with frustration and pure rage, a certain Bengals fan was forced to the ground by the security team and handcuffed. The man being arrested was wearing ‘Zubaz overalls’ in the video, as reported by Breitbart.

Bengals Fan Delivers Brutal Head Butt While Being Arrested(Video)

After cuffing the distraught man, they dragged him to his feet, presumably to detain him. Before security was able to remove him from the stadium, the man let out his full rage on a bystander.

Instead of steering clear of the clearly deranged man in tiger stripe overalls, handcuffs, and surrounded by police and security guards, a fellow Bengals fan chose to make a seemingly demeaning comment.

The cuffed man looked the jokester in the eyes, entirely unamused. In an instant, the man being held back by officers and hands behind his back, launched himself, full force, at the mouthy bystander. With disturbing precision, the arrested man performed a perfect head butt.

The impact sent the victim wobbling backwards, unconscious. Utterly destroyed, the mouthy man fell to the ground, as his glasses flew into the air. The perfectly timed hit caused other onlookers to shout, and gasp saying: “Ohhhh!”

Hopefully the Cincinnati Bengals can get their act together before their fans take it all out on each other. Unfortunately, at this rate, it looks like the Bengals won’t have much of a fan base for very long.

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