Tom Hanks Creates New Coffee Line ‘Hanx For Our Troops’ to Support Veterans

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Tom Hanks has always been a bit quirky. He’s freaked out and amused the world with his photos of randomly discovered gloves and socks, (the speculations are ridiculous). He’s been on Saturday Night Live 5 times. He once performed the “Lumberjack” song with improv comedy group Monty Python. He collects typewriters, owning 250 of them at one point. Hanks even has colonoscopy parties. But there are two things that he absolutely adores and has managed to combine into one new passion. Those two things are supporting veterans and coffee. Meet Tom Hanks’ new coffee line, Hanx For Our Troops.

Hanx For Our Troops Donates 100% Of Profits to Organizations That Support Veterans

“We saw HANX as a way to support Veterans and military families, as 100% of the profits go to organizations that have proven to be of great aid to those who have served our country.  Good products for good reason,” said Tom Hanks in a press release.

100% of profits from Hanx For Our Troops will go towards organizations that support American veterans. So far, featured organizations set to receive proceeds from coffee sales are the The Bob Woodruff Foundation, Headstrong, Hire Heroes USA, and Student Veterans of America (SVA). Together, these organizations aim to provide equity, mental health treatment, employment options, and higher education opportunities to veterans.

Hanx For Our Troops’ website states that its promise to donate 100% profits specifically means “beyond our operational upkeep and necessary business expenses.” The coffee is also claimed to be ethically sourced, American-made, and environmentally sustainable.

Hanx Website Features Stories of Veterans and Some Delicious Looking Coffee

Hanx For Our Troops also lifts the voices of veterans by featuring individual stories on its website. In its section, “Stories From The Field,” veterans are able to answer questions about their time in service, their opinions on war, what life has been like after transitioning out of service, and any special memories or life lessons they’ve learned. The website also features its “Band of Brands,” other brands that help veterans and how you can support their causes and companies.

So far, Hanx For Our Troops offers ground coffee beans, coffee pods, and coffee sticks (instant coffee). Flavors come in First Class Joe (Medium and Dark Roasts), SGT. Peppermint, and Tom’s Morning Magic Blend. Coffee beans are $16 for 12 ounces and coffee sticks are $12 for 10. Coffee pods are $16 for 18 or $75 for 100. All purchases will ship out in early December — so you can get them for your loved ones this holiday season.

If you’re wondering which coffee flavor is Tom Hanks’ favorite, we don’t really know. But he does have this to say about the one called “Tom’s Morning Magic Blend.”

“The malt is the kicker! I’ll never forget my first taste of coffee perfected with a little milk and a dash of chocolate malt. School mornings are never quite as dreary again. You’ll set your alarm early to savor this mystical elixir ASAP.”

Tom Hanks’ Career Has Highlighted, Supported Veterans Through Film and Philanthropy

The website also mentions that its founder (Tom Hanks, obviously) “has dedicated much of his career to non-fiction entertainment, including films and television projects based in moments of American History.” It’s true.

In 2006, Hanks was honorarily inducted into the United States Army Rangers Hall of Fame after his exceedingly accurate portrayal of Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan. At the award ceremony, he was additionally praised for writing a co-producing Band of Brothers. He was also lauded for his work with veterans. Hanks has been the honorary chairperson of the D-Day Museum Capital Campaign. He has served as the national spokesperson for the WWII Memorial Campaign. And he is the campaign chair of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Campaign.

“Unseen and undefined, there are millions of heroes who are caring for our wounded veterans each day,” says a message from Tom Hanks on the Hidden Heroes website. “I join with Senator Dole in this important national campaign to make us all aware of these hidden heroes – to acknowledge what they do … to connect them to valuable resources. Military caregivers rarely ask for help, but they deserve our support.”

Tom Hanks Donated Coffee Machines to White House Press Corps 3 Times

There was much buzz several years ago when it was reported that Tom Hanks had given the White House press corps 3 espresso machines in 13 years. The first time was after he and his family visited the White House in 2004. He gifted one after seeing that the press corps had no coffee machines. 6 year later, he returned with Steven Spielberg and saw that the machine wasn’t being cleaned correctly, so he sent a second one. The third time, an espresso machine was sent by mail along with a note, “Keep up the good fight for the truth, justice, and the American way. Especially for the Truth part.”

Tom Hanks obviously loves his coffee, and he loves America. Now, with his new coffee line, Hanx For Our Troops, he’s delivering coffee to everyone — and supporting veterans at the same time.

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