The Internet is DROOLING Over Jennifer Coolidge and Jeremy Allen White’s New Photoshoot

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Everyone is gushing over Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus and Jeremy Allen White in The Bear, so what could be more appropriate than having the two fan favorites team up for a photoshoot?

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Coolidge and White posed for Variety in their “Actors on Actors” segment. The pair also sat down for a wide-ranging and surprisingly flirty chat about acting, love, and success.

Up Close and Personal with Jennifer and Jeremy

The Shameless actor opened the conversation by revealing that one of his hair stylists on set keeps a celebrity saint candle of Jennifer Coolidge in the trailer.

“So I’ve been looking at your face every morning,” he said.

“I just want you to know that I rigged that, because I have a crush on you and I sent that candle,” joked the Legally Blonde actress.

Next, the two stars reflected on their past careers. Coolidge admitted that she could have been more strategic about pursuing roles.

“Now that I’m old enough to really look back at my life and certainly my mistakes, I see a lot of those,” she said. “But I never had any strategy. I just went job to job. I have to say I made the terrible mistake of not riding the wave that I had early on.”

Just as Jennifer Coolidge’s fame has skyrocketed as a result of her time on The White Lotus, Jeremy Allen White has become a household name starring as chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto on The Bear. However, the actor got candid about his insecurities while filming the hit series.

“I leave set every day just uncertain if we did what we were supposed to do” he admitted. “It is upsetting, how much I feel sometimes in the moment I need validation from a director. ‘The Bear’ has been successful, and finally I’m feeling like, ‘Oh, OK. Maybe I belong a little bit.’ But it’s a shame that it took 15 years of acting.”

In a relatable moment of vulnerability, Coolidge revealed that she’d developed crushes on many a chef during her time in the food service industry, most of them quick-tempered like White’s character.

“I think 99% of my jobs were all restaurant jobs. I was a waitress, and I always fell in love with the angry chefs. I don’t know what it is,” she said, adding, “I just like the way they throw the food down. It was so sexy.”

Both Jennifer Coolidge and Jeremy Allen White announced their interview and photoshoot on their Instagram accounts, and the fan reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loved seeing the two stars interact, and one user even suggested that they should date in real life!

“I think we’ve just seen Americas next ‘It Couple,'” read the comment.

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