Watch this country legend sing a classic for her late parents at the Grand Ole Opry

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tanya Tucker’s 1992 hit, “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane,” has touched millions of fans with its story of two young lovers who make it against the odds to grow old together. Though the song has a universal appeal, “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” has an extremely personal meaning for Tanya when she sings it.

She tells Rare Country, “I really recorded that song as a gift for my mom and dad, who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They got married at 15. It’s just really a song about their life.”

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We have to think Tanya’s parents, Beau and Jaunita, were flattered by their daughter’s gesture, but they didn’t let it show.

Tanya explains, “I don’t remember what my dad said. I’m sure he said, ‘Aw, that’s pretty good.’ He never raved about too much, but I’m sure he really liked it.”

Singing “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” is a little tougher for Tanya these days now that she’s lost both her parents.

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“It also pays tribute to them every time I sing it,” Tanya adds. “I must do that, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. It’s a great song. I never get tired of singing it. It’s been a special song for a lot of people.”

Check out this video of Tanya performing “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” at a charity event Feb. 20 on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Tanya will be performing “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” at her shows throughout this year. Go to for tour dates.

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