Gunfire sounded out in Brooklyn on Monday, as a man looking for his money back apparently opened fire on the person who owed him. However, the only casualty of the encounter was a Dalmatian named Maria.

The gunman broke into the Brooklyn apartment to collect a debt of $400. He apparently attempted to shoot the man who owed him the cash but missed, hitting and killing Maria, who was resting in her cage in the apartment, police told the New York Post.

The 25-year-old shooter remains on the loose. He broke into the apartment around 10:10 a.m., seeking to find 27-year-old Devin Cambridge, the dog’s owner. Cambridge and the gunman knew each other, and Cambridge had borrowed some money from him.

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“He actually tried to kill me,” Cambridge told the newspaper. “He thought I got hit, but it wasn’t me, it was my dog. You heard a cry.”

Police sources told the Post that Cambridge said he had paid back most of what he owed the man, but that he was still $400 short.

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“She was a faithful dog,” Cambridge said of his pup, who wast just 2 years old.

Cambridge’s brother and cousin were also home when the shooter busted into the apartment.

A man showed up with a gun to collect on a debt, but he only managed to kill the debtor’s Dalmatian Miroslav Cacik/Wikimedia Commons