A man eager to prove his clothing is bulletproof shoots his wife in the stomach on video Screenshot/Miami Herald
screenshot/Miami Herald

Colombian fashion designer Miguel Caballero is trying to corner the bulletproof-clothing fashion market with his line of apparel. And, Caballero has a unique marketing strategy — shooting his wife while she wears a piece of the clothing.

In the video, Caballero aims a .38 pistol at his wife’s stomach and fires. This is the second time he’s pulled this stunt, and he’s still not entirely comfortable with it. However, as MC Armor makes its United States debut in Miami, the entrepreneur has been forced to take a risk. Caballero told the Miami Herald, “I swore to myself I would never do that again. But, she’s trying to open up the American market, and I’m helping her in every way I can.”

His wife isn’t his only target — Caballero has shot over 230 volunteers, including magician David Blaine, the New York Post reports. Their main product is a flexible bulletproof tank top that retails at around $500 and can be worn under clothing. The warranty expires instantly once a shot is fired into the fabric, but Caballero ships replacements to any customers unlucky enough to take a bullet.

The company already operates on an international scale. When Columbia was a violence plagued nation, Caballero had his hands full but as the South American nation became less dangerous, he was forced to look abroad. And, he’s experienced substantial success in Africa and the Middle East. He recently opened two stores in Iraq. However, the U.S. market is still an unconquered territory, and he’s hoping he won’t have to shoot his wife many more times before his enterprise takes off in the states.

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