A video of a piece of sushi twitching on its plate emerges online


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An indescribably creepy video that shows a piece of sushi twitching on a plate is making rounds online and everybody is having the same reaction.

Take a look for yourself:

Obviously this slice of fish can’t still be alive. That’s not how science or the laws of nature or anything that dictates reality works. But even though we know that there’s got to be some simple explanation for this freaky phenomenon, that doesn’t make us any more comfortable with it.

And everybody on Twitter reacted the same way.

It turns out that the sushi was actually a clam. The shellfish has tricky nervous systems that sort of work independently of each other, which means that at least in theory, the sushi was still kind of alive.

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Of course there are plenty of videos on the internet of live fish being served and some clips where the fish actually looks like it’s still very much alive. Check out this clip, but be warned it’s not for the weak stomached viewers.

Needless to say, if you do decide to eat live sushi, it’s probably a pretty good idea not to buy it at the local gas station.

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