Family’s Car Falls into River, Dad Tries to Throw Kids Up Onto Bridge, Misses Badly

A parent would do anything to save their kids. In times of great distress moms and dads have been known to summon seemingly superhuman strength in order to rescue their children from certain doom. That adrenaline geyser straight through their entire body makes them capable of lifting cars and shoving boulders.

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The thing is, that adrenaline shot isn’t always so… graceful? This indisputably brave and commendable dad in India is unfortunate proof of that. His van fell off a bridge into a river and, like a true hero of a dad, he reached back into the van and pulled his young child out. Then, because the small child obviously couldn’t swim, the dad decided to throw his kid to the bridge.

It didn’t go great.

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You know a real video is bad when it looks fake but you know it’s not. Fortunately this accident in Niwari, India ended without tragedy. No dead kids. No mourning parents. Just a video the son can one day play at his wedding to both make fun of and use to pay tribute to his dad. If I was that kid from the age of like 10 years old on I would never, ever stop playing that video to my dad.

Kudos to the Indian men and women who jumped in and stood on the bridge to help. What a nightmare of a situation. It’s got to be nearly impossible to react when something like that happens. As someone who has had a gun pointed at him I can assure you that as fake as something like this looks on video, it somehow seems even more fake and surreal in person. Again, props to everyone around who helped out. Jumping into a river to save a family from their sinking car is not an easy thing to do.

This story was originally published October 30, 2019.

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