Bride Asks Four Grandmas to be Flower Girls at Wedding

To most women, wedding traditions are a must. They need to follow every detail to the bone so their day can be perfect. Well, this bride decided to do the sweetest thing ever and break those traditions. Lyndsey Raby decided to get rid of those societal expectations of having young children as her flower girls. She decided to ask four grandmothers to take on the role instead.

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The Tennessee bride asked her two grandmothers, her great-grandmother, and her new husband Tanner’s grandmother to be co-flower girls for her big wedding day. So, there was her 90-year-old-great-grandmother Kathleen Brown, 76-year-old Wanda Grand, 72-year-old Betty Brown and 70-year-old Joyce Raby, all stepped up and ready to walk down the aisle in matching blue lace dresses with jackets. ADORABLE.

Bride Asks Four Grandmas to be Flower Girls

The grandmothers carried white bags filled with white flower petals to scatter down the aisle during the ceremony. It was held at Ocoee Crest in Benton, Tennessee. Natalie Caho was able to capture several pictures of the women on the special day, showing the flower girls beaming with joy. Because well, who can honestly say they were flower girls at a wedding at the age of 90?

According to Caho, the grandmothers had an unexpected amount of sass and were full of energy. She stated, “Their energy all day was that of a little girl who is in the same position and they had so much fun all day being such a big part of Lyndsey’s day and sharing the spotlight with her. It truly just goes to show that age is just a number.”

Raby said she knew she wanted to involve her grandmothers on her big day the second she got engaged and was blessed they were still with her. Safe to say this bride will be the talk of the family for a while for breaking those norms. Grandmothers for the win! I bet that wedding party was wild! Next up, grandpa’s for ring bearers!

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