One skateboarder learned the hard way that stupidity has a speed limit when he and a few buddies decided to race down a hill in San Francisco’s Mission Park on Tuesday. Their informal competition got out of hand and the police were called to the scene where, according the San Francisco Chronicle, they met a crowd of nearly 400.

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The stand-off between the police and the groups lasted until around 9 p.m. and no arrests were reported. In a video of the incident, the skateboarder smashes into the car at full speed.

However, it seems that the skater might not have been able to wipe out so magnificently if the police hadn’t been there to help him out. In another angle, taken from the top of the hill, an officer at the bottom shoves the skater into the path of the car, sending him flying.

According to the Chronicle, both the police officer and the skater were taken to the hospital. But maybe this skateboarder will think twice before barreling full-speed at a cop car.

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