Bomb Cyclone Wind Strength WZTV Fox 17 News, Nashville
WZTV Fox 17 News, Nashville

If you haven’t heard, the United States is in the midst of getting hit by what meteorologists are calling a “Bomb Cyclone.” Sadly, they are not describing a neon silo being trucked around the country, erected, and turned into a giant rave cylinder for the night before being whisked away to the next town, leaving a wake of ecstasy ODs and glowsticks behind it.

No, mostly the Bomb Cyclone is a just a big winter storm prolonging this miserably cold weather. And this storm is strong as hell. The wind is powerful, its snow is deep, and its air is cold. The wind, in particular, has been destroying trees, taking down power lines, and even lifting big trucks off the ground. This video from Texas is proof of the Bomb Cyclone’s power.

Imagine being that truck driver. Driving along, thinking you’ve got a nice stretch of open road. It’s a pretty chill day. You’ve got a good podcast playing and your amphetemines have you humming along. All of the sudden the truck starts shaking. You don’t feel all the tires on the road. A shot of adreneline surges through you, which, combined with all those uppers you took, is not a great combo for your heart. You feel lift off.

“No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!”

Bang. Your truck is lifted up and slammed to the ground by the merciless forces of the Bomb Cyclone. Across the highway you spot some d-bag filming you and not attempting to help at all. You consider switching jobs.

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