Mom Slashes 14-Year-Old Bully's Face With Knife For Tasing Daughter During School Fight

A New York hero mom was arrested for just trying to do the right thing…the wrong way. Turns out, this mother was so angry at a 14-year- old who had tased her daughter right in front of other students during school hours. Because who wouldn’t be? So, what did the mother do? She decided to confront her and slash her face.

Yes, according to authorities, the incident occurred outside of the E. 120th Street public school in East Harlem, Manhattan at dismissal time. The 49-year-old mom was with her 13-year-old daughter when out of the nowhere the girl got into a fight with a student nearby.

That’s when the bully decided to pull out an electronic taser on her daughter, using it right in front of mamma bear. Like any other mother who is just trying to defend her child, she got so upset that she pulled out a razor and slashed the girls face, leaving a “minor laceration.”

According to NYPD the mom and the 14-year-old girl immediately fled the scene, but have now been arrested and are conducting a thorough investigation. The mother is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and injury to a child. The teenager is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon and assault. The teenager who was slashed by the mother was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and is fortunately in stable condition.

To no surprise, this isn’t the first time a parent makes headlines for fighting their child’s bully. Just last month, a Texas dad was arrested for slapping a boy who was picking on his stepdaughter. He, like momma bear over here, is facing felony injury to a child charges.

Now, I don’t know, guys. It seems to me like this mother knew exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. All she wanted to do was protect her child at all costs. Can you imagine if her daughter would have been tased more than once? I mean, yeah she probably shouldn’t of have cut her face open, a warning would have been enough, but dang. Cut or be tased?

Teenagers these days scare me, what 14-year-old owns taser at school? Where are your parents?

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