Nashville TV Reporter Who Covered School Shooting Reveals Her Mother-in-Law Survived the Attack

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A K-12 private day school in Tennessee has experienced a mass shooting with a death toll of 5, 3 of the victims being children.

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Additional Details

Live reports are still flooding in regarding the tragic incident. The shooter was acting alone when he opened fire at The Covenant School. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the shooter has now been identified as a woman, 28, who happened to be a former student at the school.

She was killed in a shootout with the authorities. Any additional details about her identity have yet to be released.

WTVF-TV reporter Hannah McDonald reported that her mother-in-law, who works the front desk at a school, heard gunfire when she stepped outside for a break on Monday morning.

“My mother-in-law is the front desk… angel,” McDonald told the outlet. “She was at the school this morning. Diana [presumably her mother-in-law] was, however, able to come out of this safe.”

“And that is why, right now, I am just… torn,” she added.

Harrowing Moments

Adam Apple, McDonald’s husband, confirmed that his mother had approached her vehicle when she received the alert to shelter in place.

“She got out of her car, heard the gunshots, so she fled,” Apple shared.

The shooter, armed with two ‘assault-type rifles’ and one pistol, entered The Covenant School through the side entrance on Monday morning and started shooting. This was according to Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Nashville Police Department.

Two police officers responded to a 10:13 a.m. call and encountered the shooter on the second floor of the building. The shooter died at the scene, according to Aaron.

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