Video Shows Bison Attack In Yellowstone, Second Attack In A Month

For the second time this year, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has experienced a bison attack, with this one resulting in a man being taken to the hospital.

Video footage showed a family standing fairly close to the bison near Giant Geyser at Old Faithful. The bison then charged at them before a group of four or five people, including a child, run in attempt to escape.

Park officials said one person, a 34-year old Colorado man, sustained an arm injury after being gored. The injured man was taken to an Idaho hospital by ambulance.

The video was recorded by parkgoer Roger Goodell and may be difficult to watch. The story continues below the video.

Per WGN-TV in Chicago:

“Goodell says prior to recording the video he had been following the bison for a while. He watched the situation unfold, and claims the man seen wearing a hat in the video approached the bison and got too close.

According to Goodell, the man who was pummeled was the first to get the bison riled up. The bison then went after the older couple because the child ran toward them.”

Last month, a woman died after being gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park, as we relayed here. And the latest incident is actually the third bison attack reported this year.

Utah’s Antelope Island park manager Jeremy Shaw said people put themselves in danger by getting too close to the otherwise fairly laid-back animal.

“They always want to get closer and closer for photos,” Shaw said, via WGN. “But ultimately, any time there is a dangerous interaction with wildlife, it’s because the person got too close.”

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  1. A buffalo is a wild animal and should not be judged for attacking a person you should leave it alone and let it be. It seems to be when an animal attacks a human we kill the animal but when a human Attacks An animal for no reason we do not put the human down do we. And no I am not an animal rights activist I just believe in fair treatment in all if you’re not going to eat it don’t kill it if it’s a wild animal it’s not meant to pet

  2. These animals have been through a lot with the flooding of their home. Perhaps it was too early to open this park to people. Animals feel trauma and stress too. They have been displaced, their whole world changed.. They went through a traumatic event, perhaps even lost babies and life partners.

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