This Cat Is on the Road to Recovery After Suffering Firework Abuse

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To those with a faint heart, we suggest you brace yourself. It’s about to get very sad.

According to the Humane Society of Richland Countyin Ohio, Katy P, a sweet, long-haired feline, was injured after someone set off a firecracker in her rectum. Katy was discovered by neighbors at the Pinebridge apartments complex, located in Mansfield. Scared for the health condition, Katy was then taken to Phillips Animal Hospital where she is in observation, waiting for a prognosis.

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The hospital, who named her Katy P, after “Fireworks” singer, Katy Perry, made it through emergency surgery and is currently on pain medication, enjoying the attention of the staff. More specifically, the infinite amount of “chin scratches.” The staff is currently waiting for Katy P. to recover, as she receiving antibiotics to treat an infection on her tail to avoid loosing it. Due to the severity of her injuries, they are waiting for signs of bowel movements to make sure her insides are back to normal.

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Whilst sweet Katy P. is recovering, through their Facebook page, The Humane Society of Richland County stated they are determined to finding and prosecuting the individual who is responsible fo the crime. The incident is most likely to count as animal cruelty.

Their Board of Directors initially offered $500 reward, with a additional $1500 raised from community members for information leading to arrest. Yet with help from the community and members of the organization, they are now rewarding $2,000! If you would like more information about Katy P. or would like to donate, you can visit them here.

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