When Matthew Perry Went Above And Beyond On Friends (Video)

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In honor of our late Friend, Matthew Perry, we are taking time to remember some of his funniest unscripted moments, where he went above and beyond.

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MsMojo began their top 10 moments list with number 10, calling it the “You gotta see this one.” As Matthew, also known as Chandler in the show, walked out of the restroom, he announced to the whole room: “You guys gotta come see this one.” Once again we find Matthew on the toilet saying: “Honey, you’ve gotta see this, this is like the size of my arm.”

Number nine is titled: “Falling for Rachel.” In this scene Joey, or Matt LeBlanc, has just learned that Rachel might be into him. While contemplating this, he was leaning all his weight against Rachel’s door. Rachel proceeded to open the door and Joey fell through flat on the ground. To get a laugh from the crowd, Matthew snuck onto the scene and leaned against the door so that when Rachel opened it again, boom, now Matthew falls to the floor.

Number eight, “Have you looked in the mirror?” In this episode, Matthew was coming in from out of town after having taken a job in Tulsa Oklahoma. Monica was dressed for some quality time with Matthew, yet, since Matthew lied to Joey about not being in town so he could spend more one on one time with Monica, Joey started to think Monica was not being the most upright of women. Still perplexed on how to handle the situation, Matthew blurted out: “Have you looked in the mirror?”

When Matthew Perry Went Above And Beyond On Friends (Video)

Number seven, “Putting out fire.” In this episode, Monica is working as a chef and her coat catches fire on her chest area. Joey took it upon himself to pat the fire out. Though not in the script, Matthew walked up and began patting the other side of Monica’s chest, just to be sure the fire was out of course.

Number six, “At the camera.” In this scene, the actors are not supposed to look at the camera, indicating that they have no idea they are being filmed. Monica mistakenly looks directly into the camera. Matthew did not miss a beat; in the next take he glared directly into the camera saying saying his line without ever looking away.

Number five, “Somber boys.” As the scene unfolds, Jory and Matthew rush into Monica’s room when they hear screaming. The director decided their approach was a little over the top, and asked them to hold it down. In response, Matthew and Joey walked in somberly only muttering their lines.

Number four, “Bingo bango.” In this episode, Monica messed up one of her lines, saying what she was supposed to be doing while playing ping pong. Taking a timely jab, in the next take, Matthew yelled out “bingo bango!” as Monica tried to take a swing.

Number three, “Huge.” This is the episode where Monica and Matthew have looked into buying a new house. The big decision leads Monica to say suddenly: “It’s huge!” instead of “this is huge.” Without delay, Matthew looked down and goes: “thanks!”

Number two, “We know already.” Monica has to repeat the fact that she has chocolate bars in her purse multiple times to get the scene right. Because of this, Matthew says unscripted: “We know already!”

Last but not least, number one: “Joey’s Fall.” Joey tries to rush onto the scene sit down in a chair. The task that seems so simple was giving him lots of trouble. One take he rushed in and face planted, in another he knocked his own chair over. When he finally got it down, Matthew ran in and dove onto Joey, making the crowd lose it.

Matthew Perry was a fantastic part of the beloved show Friends, he will be missed. Please let us know if there are any of Matthew’s memorable moments we missed.

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