Alabama Woman’s Life Ends Tragically While Attempting Facebook Marketplace Purchase

An Alabama woman who went missing after leaving her home to make a Facebook marketplace purchase was found burning to death at the end of a dead-end road, Birmingham police said.

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Jermiera Fowler, 31, had not been seen for five days prior to her body being discovered. Officials said she was shot twice before being burned to death.

A nearby resident, Herbert Brown, told WVTM 13 he was awakened by the flames.

Jermiera Fowler (Jermiera Fowler Facebook)

“When I looked out my bedroom window, I seen a big flame,” Brown said. “I mean a big flame.”

“So I was curious like is somebody burning trash, so I go out there with a big flashlight and I look over the fence and there was this body on fire. The firefighters came, they put the fire out and the police stayed out there until 2 or 3 in the morning just scanning the place.”

He added that it didn’t take to realize the burning body belonged to Fowler.

“I seen this picture and it went through my mind, that’s that lady out here that’s burning,” Brown told WVTM. “This shouldn’t have happened to her like that.”

Police have yet to make any arrests in the case of Jermiera Fowler (Birmingham Police Dept.)

Fowler’s vehicle was found in a separate area.

It has not been determined if her death was the result of the Facebook meet-up, or if it occurred as a separate incident. Police remain on the lookout for suspects.

“That’s a dead end and you’d have to know this area to want to cut off onto that street and go down through there because it’s a church down that dead end, no traffic be there,” Brown said..

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  1. These random unconscionable murders in every state in the country are the result of evil taking hold of a limited amount of people.
    Removing the word of God from the lives of many and now we see the end result of the madness of the world.
    The compassion and love for humanity is no longer present in society.

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