OnlyFans Cop Offers Her Free Nudes For Every Goal Brazil Makes at The World Cup

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Men across the world may suddenly be rooting for Brazil in the World Cup. And they may not even care if Brazil wins. They just want Brazil to score a lot of goals.

So, yeah, they’d probably be just fine with a 6-5 loss.

That’s because on OnlyFans model has offered free naked pictures for every goal Brazil scores at the World Cup. (As of this writing, they’ve scored three, for those keeping track at home.)

Daiane Tomazoni, 24, is the model in question, having joined OnlyFans shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. She is actually a police officer and eventually came up with the idea in an effort to encourage people to root for Brazil on soccer’s biggest stage.

Daiane Tomazoni on Instagram

“I have a group on Telegram where I keep in close contact with my followers,” Tomazoni explained, via The Daily Mail. “Unlike subscriber platforms, this group is for interaction and for me to send previews of my content. I talk a lot, I reply to everyone, and I realized that people weren’t that excited about the games.

“So I thought of creating a way to encourage everyone to better support the national team.”

Yes, it seems, she certainly did.

So much so, that people began asking for photos not only when Brazil scored a goal — but when its shots just managed to come close, like hitting the crossbar.

“And since it worked out, in the next games I will keep and expand my pledge. Who knows?” she said. “Maybe even with videos. Anything for the Brazil’s sixth title.”

For the record, Brazil’s next World Cup match takes Friday vs. Cameroon.

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