OnlyFans Model Says a Stalker Secretly Filmed Her in Her Own Home

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re an OnlyFans model, the entire idea is to film and photograph yourself for all the world to see, and for the world to pay for the right to do so.

But this gig involves dealing with some creeps, and Hannah Palmer, 24, said that one man took it too far. In fact, he was a bona fide stalker — prompting Palmer to contact the FBI.

“There have been times when I’ve been scared in my own home. It’s a bit concerning because even though I try to hide my home and private information from the public, influencers aren’t able to provide themselves with much security or privacy despite being at risk of this type of behavior from fans,” Palmer told the Daily Mail.  

Hannah Palmer on Instagram

Palmer has actually had several stalkers, she said. The first came in 2019 when she found a man secretly recording her in her Los Angeles apartment.

“He would wait for me to use my balcony to record me there, and the videos were posted online on some questionable websites,” she said.

She only discovered this once after doing a Google search for her name. Hey, who doesn’t? “I contacted the police, who told me to contact the FBI since it was a cyber issue, which I then did,” Palmer said.

But she added that the FBI never returned her calls.

The stalking has continued, as Palmer said one man went as far as to follow her, gathering information on her whereabouts via pictures of her location. That man finally found her — only to ask for pictures of her feet. “It wasn’t dangerous, but it was weird,” she said, and that is a good way to put it.

That’s not all, as things actually did become frightening on one occasion.

“I started receiving texts from an unknown number, including pictures of my house taken from [the neighbor’s] backyard, pictures of the inside of my house from Zillow and disgusting verbal harassment,” Palmer said. “He also made threats, both violent and sexual, to myself and my family.”

Eventually, the person was issued a restraining order by the police.

For Palmer and other models, that is at least a start. Hopefully, it can also be an end, showing people that there’s a limit to what they can legally do to be considered a fan.

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