Remember That Time Stevie Nicks Married Her Best Friend’s Husband?

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Stevie Nicks, the goddess of Fleetwood Mac, is a true rock and roll gem with amazing vocals, hair, and a sense of humor. Which is why we love her. But, as with anyone we love, there are always those moments when we are tempted to say “oh, turns out I didn’t know them that well.” Well, unfortunately, we’re going there. This isn’t the usual gossip about her long, tempestuous relationship with her Fritz, Buckingham Nicks, and Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. Or her affair with Mick Fleetwood or that rumor about her and Christine McVie and cocaine. This is about the time Stevie Nicks married Kim Anderson, her best friend’s husband.

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Honestly, the reason was pretty sweet. She did what she thought was in her best friend’s interest. But mostly out of grief. Grief is a terrible monster—it’s unpredictable and usually uncontrollable. Now, for the dirt.

Stevie Nicks Lost Her Best Friend of 20 Years

Although she had decided to never marry or have children, the singer-songwriter did just that. Believe it or not, Nicks was married for only 3 months and it was to the widower of her best friend Robin Anderson. Robin Snyder Anderson and Nicks met in high school and were best friends for 20 years. Unfortunately, Anderson was diagnosed with leukemia in 1981. Tragically, Nicks found out that Robin was dying the day her first album as a solo artist, Bella Donna had gone to number one on the Billboard 200. While briefly in remission, Robin found out she and her husband, Kim, were expecting a child.

Two years later, Anderson tragically lost her battle with cancer. The baby, Matthew, was born shortly before Robin passed away. Distraught and grieving, the “In Your Dreams” singer wanted to help raise her best friend’s child. She believed this would keep Anderson’s memory alive.

A Very Short Marriage Born Out of Grief

So, Nicks convinced Robin’s husband Kim Anderson, who was also grieving, to get married so she could help raise the baby as her stepson. Three months in, after reportedly feeling her friend Robin’s presence in baby Matthew’s nursery disappear, a little clarity hit her. She opened up about the situation on Oprah’s Master Class a few years back, calling her decision to marry Anderson “beyond insane.” Because well…she married her best friend’s husband. The couple divorced shortly thereafter.

Still, while this triangle is very bizarre and losing your best friend is tough, she did it out of a good heart. Right? I mean, it’s pretty sweet in its own way.  That’s what I want to believe, anyway. Nicks went on to have plenty of relationships including Eagles singer and drummer Don Henley, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, and producer Jimmy Iovine, who she met through her good friend singer Tom Petty, but she never married again.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on July 9, 2019.

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