Wolf Dog Murdered Mississippi Facebook/Chad Stricker
Facebook/Chad Stricker

Mississippi man Chad Stricker spent days looking for his lost dog Nymeria, a black, 10-month-old wolf-dog hybrid. She’d escaped one night while on her nightly roam of his 10-acre property with her brother, Ghost. By all accounts she was a sweet, friendly pup. Stricker begged his community for help finding her and many of his friends and neighbors pitched in.

But another one of his neighbors had already killed Nymeria. A few days into the search that neighbor left Stricker an anonymous, creepy note in Stricker’s mailbox informing him of as much. Nymeria’s collar was included with the note.

Dog Murdered Mississippi
Chad Stricker/Facebook

Unfortunatley for Stricker, the still anonymous neighbor was within their legal rights to shoot the dog according to the local sheriff’s office. It was on their property, and Pearl River County, where the incident took place, has strict leash laws. Unsatisfied, Stricker said, “There should be laws to protect animal owners. No animal should be shot for going through someone’s trash.”

A few observations here:

1. This screams of “old redneck way to eager to use his gun and feel tough.” Tough enough to shoot an oblivious dog and anonymously flex about “muh property rights” anyway. Obviously not tough enough to identify himself.

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2. At night, Stricker’s dog probably looks pretty intimidating at first glance. Certainly more intimidating than, say, a pug. So it might seem reasonable that someone would feel inclined to shoot at it. There are a few problems with that idea, though. For one thing, there are no wolves in Mississippi, and coyotes are pretty easy to differentiate from dogs. (Especially by the sounds they make.) Stricker’s dog was also digging through trash. It wasn’t attacking this homeowner’s pets or bothering any livestock on the property. It wasn’t trying to get into his house. It was going through garbage and he blew it away.

3. Don’t be like the creepy dick who murdered this dog.


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