A rat caught on camera toting half of an avocado is picking up, literally, where other rodents have left off.

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Those would be other food-themed rodents like Pizza Rat, Pretzel Rat, Pizza Raccoon and Taco Squirrel.

Add Avocado Rat to the increasingly popular social-media genre. The rat was spied recently in Brooklyn — just down the street from a restaurant where avocado toast is on the menu — pushing the fruit down the street.

Filmmaker Jessica Edwards first saw the rat near the Greenpoint Avenue subway stop, was able to document it all on her phone, and then posted the footage to her Instagram feed.

Numerous commenters joked about how “hip” the rat is, and whether it could even afford the avocado.


Said one commenter: “Poor little guy is never going to be able to afford a house now.”

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But this is one rat who believes in the power of antioxidants.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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