Bill Burr goes meta and talks about getting mad over stupid things YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Bill burr talks getting mad over stupid things

Bill Burr has earned himself a reputation as the sort of angry old man of comedy, but he manages to make it endearing because he always steps back and recognizes how arbitrary and silly his moods are. Burr’s bits about anger don’t justify his reactions to his surroundings — rather, they point out how useless and self-destructive it is to flip out over small details.

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In this bit, Burr begins by airing his frustration with chain sandwich shops that don’t put the condiments on your food even though you’ve paid them for it, which is not exactly a hill to die on. Recognizing this, Burr then pulls back and talks about how he came to recognize and ignore some of his anger, since it wasn’t that big a deal anyway.

Just take a deep breath. Things will turn out fine.

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