Hold the greens: Man mocks vegans with this meat-eating parody

We don’t mean to stereotype those that are vegans and vegetarians; however, because these are popular eating trends, their annoying subscribers are going to stick out due to pure numbers, and some people are tired of that.

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This man was so tired that he decided to fight back with his own parody of what meat-eaters would be like if they acted like the outspoken veggie-lovers.

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What does acting like an out-spoken meat-eater entail? Well the man here — J.P. Spears — essentially goes around and tries to ruin everyone’s day. He tells a girl that her eating a salad is ruining his day and killing his appetite, while also asking for “tofu-flavored” chicken from a restaurant.

That’s not all. Spears “explains” why he eats meats, as the more “spiritually evolved Orca” only eats meat, and don’t we all want to be more spiritually evolved?

This is just a clever reminder of one thing, people: eat whatever you would like and what you think constitutes a healthy diet. Just don’t annoy the rest of us about it.

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