Insane Video Shows Man Casually Jumping Across NYC High Rise Rooftop

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

As far as we know, a man who jumped from awning to awning on a New York City high-rise wasn’t doing it for money.

Though he clearly did have some. As he was dressed in a decent suit while making his repeated somewhat frightful leaps. But if you’ve seen the video, you can tell this man wasn’t scared. It almost appeared as if it wasn’t his first time.

Anyway, all the excitement occurred in the financial district of the city, with onlookers gathering to see exactly what was up on the rise rooftop. Or in the case of this man, what was up… up… and away… until he finally crawled in one of the windows and, we presume, back to safety.

Fittingly, it was all captured by an individual who is a professional in the entertainment industry. That would be none other than Emmy-winning producer Erik Ljung, who served as director of photography for Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

Just a Regular Day in New York City

“Been getting a lot of questions… I have no idea what dude was doing,” Ljung wrote. “He was already hopping around from awning to awning when we first saw him. First from right of frame to left. Got to corner where I started filming (2nd slide), looks like he made a call and looked around for about a minute, then hopped back in the direction he came when we first saw him and then climbed in a window. It was wet out and he was wearing dress shoes. … This is right next to the 911 memorial on West St.”

So what became of this rise rooftop mystery man? Was it an aged Peter Parker? Or maybe it’s Bruce Wayne? Or maybe it’s just some guy who didn’t feel like walking down a hallway to discuss his private business while on the phone.

Regardless, he made himself quite the story on this day.

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