Jimmy Fallon adds new meaning to Instagram captions in “Picture This” YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot jimmy fallon picture this

Social media is an intensely performative technology, and it greatly benefits those who think ahead. The curation of posts and the potential consequences of failure mean that, for most users, every little bit of a post is worth thinking about, from the angle of a photo to the length and phrasing of a comment. This is doubly true for celebrity or corporate accounts. You can be sure that many big star and company Instagram pages are carefully modulated to achieve maximum popularity.

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But what happens if you take the captions on pictures and try to find them new homes? That’s what Fallon’s “picture This” segment did to hilarious effect. Whether replacing the grandeur of a national park with a football lineman’s butt or applying one of Trump’s captions to Obama’s vacation, these new twists are worth a laugh.

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