Ozzy Man Reviews is back and at it again. The Aussie YouTuber who has given us commentary on everything from the “Baywatch” trailer to 91-year-old gymnast also has a video in which he does the commentary of a tortoise as it battles with a cat.

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For some reason, the tortoise doesn’t leave the cat alone and keeps bumping into it. Ozzy Man decided to take an aggressive route when it came to commentating as the tortoise, and he didn’t hold back.

“I’m taking you down,” he said. “I’m taking you down to Tortoise Town.”

After the cat got up and moved at the end of the video, the tortoise discovered a piece of lettuce that the cat was sitting on, and the dialogue is hilarious.

“Aha! There’s the stolen lettuce. You hid it up your ass like a drug smuggler.”

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