Parents were asked the creepiest thing their kid ever said — It got really spooky

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kids say what is on their minds. They haven’t yet learned to filter out their thoughts for their audience. Typically, this leads to some hilarious comments from youngsters, but occasionally, what they say will creep you out!

Writer Mikki Kendall addressed her Twitter followers with the following question: “People who interact with kids, what is the single weirdest/creepiest thing a kid has ever said to you?” Twitter users responded in spades, determined to freak everyone out and make us wonder if some of these stories were taken from a horror movie. Kendall’s tweet went viral as people continued sharing some rather terrifying and creepy things kids have said or done.

Alison Skap had one of the sweeter of these creepy stories. When her son was three he began singing a Polish nursery rhyme that his great-grandmother sang to his father when he was young. Nobody in the family spoke Polish and nobody had sung the song to the young child.

There were some other stories about children speaking about grandparents who passed away before they were even born. One mom reported that she found her child with her grandmother’s book. The child said her grandma was reading it to her.

Some believe a child’s innocence might make them more in tune with spirits, while others believe these children just have very creative imaginations. Whatever the reasoning, some of these responses are freaky. For instance, one two-year-old told her mom there was a man in red waving at them from a cemetery. She hightailed it out of there!

One of the most spine-inducing stories came from a man whose mother told him about her young cousin predicting his own death. Apparently, the child even got some rather minute details correct.

Wow! What a terrifying thing to learn.

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