‘Teacher Voice’ Scares Bear From Porch, Confirming Our Elementary School Fears

Debbie Tomlinson successfully scared off the black bear from her vacation home in South Carolina.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Does a black bear qualify as a teacher’s pet? Not so much.

A former high school teacher reprimanding a mama bear as only a teacher can has gone viral. Using her “teacher voice,” Debbie Tomlinson scared the carnivore from her condo while capturing the situation. The situation went down in Sapphire, South Carolina last week.

“How dare you!,” Tomlinson scolds the bear, as it climbs on the railing of her porch. The video was originally from WYFF News 4 and posted on Tuesday night.

After scorning the black bear as if it were a student misbehaving, Tomlinson said it “works every time,” per WYFF News 4.

Tomlinson’s brush with the black bear transpired at her vacation home as the potential predator attempted to take her bird feeders, according to WYFF News 4.

Tomlinson and her husband hail from Simpsonville, South Carolina, according to WYFF News 4. She used to teach in Greenville County.

Tomlinson noticed that the mama bear was nursing a young cub foraging in the foliage near her condo.

According to WYFF News 4, Tomlinson actually hadn’t yet brought out the bird feeders on the night of the close call with the bear.

“I’m a bird-watcher, so I have feeders out, but I always bring them in at night because of the bears,” Tomlinson said.

Leave it to a teacher to always plan ahead.

Not everyone has the same thinking that Tomlinson did…

Tomlinson’s forethought was lacking in the case of Shannon Stevens, her brother Erik Stevens, and his girlfriend when they took snowmobiles into the wilderness in southeast Alaska last year. They stayed at his yurt in Chilkat Lake, 20 miles northwest of Haines.

Shannon had gone to use the outhouse, when suddenly, Erik heard Shannon screaming. Erik ran out to the outhouse, located 150 feet away, to find Shannon tending to her posterior wound. At first, they thought she had gotten bitten by something small.

The Alaska woman told the Associated Press, “I got out there and sat down on the toilet and immediately something bit my butt right as I sat down. I jumped up and I screamed when it happened.”

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