YouTubers Lucas and Marcus decided to prank their mom, but not in a mean way like some people. Lucas and Marcus are a pair of lovely young chaps who would never do anything to upset their mommy — that being said, this prank required a lot of effort, so it’s admirable nonetheless.

It’s a simple prank on paper, although it must’ve cost a small fortune to pull-off. Basically, it’s Mother’s Day so — like any normal, loving sons would do — Lucas and Marcus decide to buy their mom some flowers. Only one bouquet isn’t enough. And neither is two!

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The title of the video is somewhat misleading. It’s called “1 MILLION FLOWER SURPRISE PRANK ON MOM (emotional),” but they obviously didn’t buy their mom a million flowers. That would be insane. They did buy a lot though.

The look of sheer joy on her face when she realizes what her sons have done for her is incredibly reassuring. Maybe Millennials aren’t so bad after all.

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