This girl pranked her Tinder match by conversing entirely in quotes from “The Office” Twitter/@caro_bearo
Twitter/@caro_bearo -- Girl pranks guy on Tinder with Office quotes

Dwight Schrute, a character made famous by “The Office,” knows what it takes to succeed in life, and apparently, he also knows what it takes to succeed in getting Tinder dates, as one woman found out recently.

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Having matched with a well-meaning guy named Nathan, Caroline decided to have a little bit of fun by communicating entirely in Dwight quotes for the length of the conversation. Either Nathan isn’t a fan of “The Office” or he found the idea of a girl who ran a beet farm too good to pass up, even as a joke. After all, entrepreneurship is an appealing quality in a partner. No one can say Dwight wasn’t a go-getter.

Good luck to all of you lonely hearts out there just trying to find the right beet-farmer for you.

(H/t BuzzFeed)

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