Woman Falls Off Bike After Trying to Kick Another Rider: ‘Instant Karma’

A woman riding on the back of one motorized bike tried to kick another, and according to the Internet, got what was coming to her.

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While the other rider kept right on riding, the woman who aimed to attack became the victim, the now viral video revealed. And instead of meeting her target, she met the pavement.

“INSTANT Karma,” one comment read.

“Hahaha haha got what she deserved,” read another.

Instant Karma

Granted, we don’t know the reason for the woman wanting to kick the other bike rider. Perhaps the other rider was being a jerk. Perhaps the woman was being a jerk.

Given that she bounced right back up, we can presume she’s OK. Let’s hope so.

But let’s hope she also learned her lesson. No matter how mad you get, a literal kick to another person isn’t usually the answer. Unless, of course, you don’t mind faceplanting in cement.

Still, this is terrifying, it could have definitely gone way worse. Also, why didn’t the driver pull over or go to the other side to stop the woman from kicking the person? Was it team work? what’s the story behind this incident? I need to know, I’m highly invested now. I swear humans are so mean sometimes!

What do you think?

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