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Getting through security at the airport is rarely an enjoyable endeavor. The line is usually long — more often than not infuriatingly so, largely because the TSA doesn’t have all their lanes open even though they probably could, which would cut your wait time by half and probably allow them to do a more thorough job. But nah. Screw you and the other 800 people here to get on a plane within the next hour. Everyone slowly file into line for this one body scanner. Enjoy your flight.

There’s not a lot that could make your security wait more frustrating but a security guard pulling you aside apropos of absolutely nothing (other than their distaste for your face) and telling you that you’re ugly is probably one of those things. And that’s exactly what happened to technical coordinator Neal Strassner at the Greater Rochester International Airport when he was traveling for work in June.

An airport security worker wrote “You Ugly” on a note and slipped it to Strassner after he passed through the metal detector. Strassner was confused and took the note without opening it. The worker called out to Strassner several times asking if he was going to open the note. Strassner finally did and was greeted with the airport security guard’s valuable observation.

Strassner attempted to contact the airport about the incident but they didn’t do much about it. Finally, Strassner obtained security footage of the incident through a Freedom of Information Act request and took to Reddit to tell his story.

According to Strassner, within two hours of posting that on Reddit the airport contacted him. Funny how that works. The security guard, who worked for a local security company that was contracted by the TSA to work at the Rochester airport, was fired shortly after.

Just another fun interaction with the TSA!

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