Man Caught Trying to Smuggle Cocaine Inside Fake Penis

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Videos by Rare

Well, this is certainly one interesting and hilarious story. A British man is facing a 36-month sentence after being caught at Brussels Airport trying to smuggle some cocaine into Belgium. This by hiding it and an artificial penis. Yes, this man said they wouldn’t touch my dildo, but false, police did. I don’t know if to be proud of the police or grossed out by it.

According to authorities, the man was arrested a while back, actually. It occurred on February 8, 2020, while having traveled to Brussels from Jamaica. We decided to bring the story back because well, it was just too funny not to share!

Apparently he tested positive for cocaine and was taken to the University Hospital of Jette in Brussels for further investigation and drug tests. That’s when police officers and doctors determined the man had indeed consumed some cocaine and had “literally equipped himself with an artificial penis.” Yup, the fake penis had 127g of cocaine. YIKES.

Man Caught Trying to Smuggle Cocaine Inside Fake Penis

The British man said he had been visiting his mom in Jamaica, and that while he was there an acquaintance offered him cocaine. He claimed he decided to take it with him so that he could take some himself, once he arrived home. Unfortunately, the public prosecutor’s office could not confirm if the man had acted on behalf of a drug gang. But it was still very illegal and very very wrong, so he was sentenced to 36 months in prison

His defense attorneys tried to battle the situation out by asking to suspend the sentence saying he had severe health problems, with his lawyer arguing, “my client has kidney failure and needs to exercise as well as follow a proper diet.” Which I mean, if he suffered from health problems, wouldn’t it be wise to not do any cocaine? That’s just going to enhance your illness, but I guess.

The British man, who has yet to be identified, is officially set to be sentenced on June 24th. I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but all these people desperately trying to smuggle in drugs are getting less and less creative. Have we forgotten about the guy who was recently got caught with cocaine under his toupee? Yes, a man actually tried to pass cocaine under his wig. I love dumb people.

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