Where Are Charles Manson’s Biological Children Now?

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As most people know, Charles Manson was the infamous mass murderer and cult leader responsible for many murders, including the high-profile killing of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate. From his psychotic “Helter Skelter” (The Beatles song) obsession, his plan to start a race war, to the most infamous Manson murder, the life of Manson was not ideal. Oscar nominee film, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, shows a glamorized glimpse of a “what if” story surely many have conceptualized. Other outlets like to Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders gives a closer look at a true story of the life and crimes of Manson.

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While “the family” or “The Manson family” was his cult name for his one hundred followers who traveled with him and habitually partook in recreational drug usage, they weren’t really his blood family. They were fans, just like his pen pal as well. Manson, however, was actually a biological father. Believe it or not, the cult leader had (at least) three biological sons, and even had some claim that he was their father in fighting what to do with Manson’s body, only to be proven wrong after CNN did a DNA test.

Charles Manson, Jr.

Charles Manson, Jr. was Manson’s oldest son. He was born in 1956 to Rosalie Jean Willis, a fifteen-year-old who married Manson in 1995. Manson was five years older than her and was shortly arrested for driving a stolen car shortly after he and his first wife moved to Los Angeles. Willis gave birth to Charles Manson Jr. while his father was in prison.

She remarried, and her son not only took the name of his stepfather but changed his name to Jay White. Unfortunately, feeling the pressure of his father’s horrific acts, White took his own life in 1993 via gunshot wound. He had committed suicide in Colorado, but is survived by his son, Charles Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman. His motive is still undetermined, but sources close to him speculate it was due to his father’s horrible legacy.

Charles Luther Manson

A few years later in 1959, Manson married his second wife, Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens, while in prison. This marriage also endured legal difficulties that resulted in the imprisonment of Manson. From this marriage, Charles Manson’s son, Charles Luther Manson was born. However, while he was imprisoned Leona, asked for a divorce.

Naturally, she took Manson’s second son with her. He was raised with his mother and has remained out of any spotlight or press related to his father. Charles Luther would be in his fifties today. Little is known about him, as expected, but our guess is he probably changed his mane and stayed out of the spotlight at all costs. Can you blame him?

Valentine Michael Manson

Manson’s youngest son, Valentine Michael Manson, was born to Mary Brunner. Brunner was one of the first members of the Manson Family. The two met in 1967, shortly after he had been released from jail, and in between stints lived together in her apartment. Two years later Mary delivered Valentine Manson, they nicknamed him “Pooh Bear.” When Brunner was also imprisoned in 1971, her parents got custody of Valentine.

They raised him where they’d raised Mary, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Although he was around during the start of the “Manson family”, he doesn’t recall his time there since he was so young. This is probably for the best. He also did not keep any contact with his father and changed his name to Michael Brunner.

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