‘Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Calls Out Weight Loss Drug Ads in NYC

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New York City subway stations are crawling with weight-loss ads, and actress Sophie Turner is not happy about it.

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Author Sophie Vershbow was one of the first to call attention to advertisements promoting an injectable weight-loss medication. The slogan reads “A weekly shot to lose weight.” On Twitter, she shared photos of the ads, captioned “The Ozempic ads plastered across the Times Square subway station can f*** all the way off.”

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner shared a post featuring Vershbow’s words on Instagram, seconding the writer’s statement.

Turner revealed to Elle UK in 2022 that she’d been “quite sick with an eating disorder” for a long time, to the point that she had to have a live-in therapist to monitor her eating habits. She claimed that social media was one of the biggest reasons she had such a negative self-image.

“One night, I was playing over and over in my mind a comment I’d seen on Instagram. I was like, ‘I’m so fat, I’m so undesirable,’ and spinning out,” Turner said. Thankfully, her therapist was able to talk her down.

“She said to me, ‘You know, no one actually cares. I know you think this, but nobody else is thinking it. You’re not that important.'”

People tells us that the actress was often pressured by studios to lose weight for her roles.

Actresses Speak Out Against Weight-Loss Injections

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While Vershbow’s original post received a lot of attention, the writer made a small error. The numerous subway ads were not for Ozempic, but for a weight-loss program using Wegovy. While both of these medications are forms of injectable semaglutide, Ozempic is used to treat diabetes as well as obesity. According to the Independent, the growing popularity of semaglutide injections for slimming down have made it difficult for diabetics to access the medication.

Other celebrities, such as actresses Julia Fox and Jameela Jamil, have spoken out against the weight-loss injection trend.

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