Here’s How to Watch King Charles III’s Coronation

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The coronation of King Charles III will be held on May 6, 2023. His is the first coronation in 70 years, following his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s, on June 2, 1953. The historical and solemn event, dubbed Operation Golden Orb, combines majestic and religious traditions, attracting viewers from around the world. Here is how you can watch the coronation, as well as the two-hour concert to be held later the next evening.

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What Time Is the Coronation?

King Charles’ coronation begins with a precession at 6 a.m. EST / 3 a.m. PST. It will be held at 11 a.m. in British Standard Time — so don’t forget to set your alarm. You’re definitely going to have to be an early bird if you want to watch this live.

The coronation concert, which will feature artists such as Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Andrea Bocelli, will occur on May 7 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

The Procession: King Charles III and Camilla’s Route to Westminster Abbey

The coronation is held in Westminster in Central London and begins with a procession. King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla will travel in a procession via the Diamond Jubilee state coach.

The Diamond Jubilee state coach is the same one you may have seen Queen Elizabeth II in over the years. The gorgeous coach features a gold-leaf oak crown from the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship built in 1778. It also features wood and metal inlays taken from historical buildings, including castles and palaces, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey. Its door handles feature 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires.

On their return trip, Charles and Camilla will travel via the Gold State Coach. The 253-year-old coach was chosen because it moves slower and will allow bystanders to get a better view of the newly crowned couple.

They will depart from Buckingham Palace and travel northeast via The Mall by Saint James Park. They will then circle east, pass through the Admiralty Arch by Trafalgar Square, before moving southward. Taking Parliament Street, they will pass Whitehall and turn onto Broad Sanctuary. This will lead them to the Sanctuary building at Westminster Abbey. This 1.3-mile (2 km) route, according to AP, is a “trimmed down” version of the one Queen Elizabeth took.

What Happens at Westminster Abbey?

Westminster Abbey is an Anglican Church, formerly known as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster. It was founded in the 960s or 970s AD to house monks and nuns but has been remodeled over time. The groundbreaking for the current Gothic cathedral we see today occurred around 1042 AD. 39 monarchs have been coronated there since 1066 AD.

King Charles will arrive wearing a crimson velvet robe known as the King’s Robe of State. It was originally worn by his grandfather, King George VI, at his coronation in 1937.

Once inside the Abbey, a religious ceremony will commence, presided over by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. The ceremony will include a procession of the crown jewels. The crown jewels will include five symbolic swords, the Sovereign’s Ring of Sapphire, two scepters, and three separate crowns. Charles will first be presented with St. Edward’s crown, a 4.9-pound gold headpiece adorned with precious jewels and a purple cap.

After the ceremony, Charles will be given the Imperial State Crown, which is much lighter than St. Edward’s. Meanwhile, Camilla will wear Queen Mary’s Crown, which contains ivory. Ivory has been mostly banned from the royal crown jewels, which makes her crown a bit controversial.

King Charles will be anointed with vegan holy oil, a process which is considered so sacred that he will be obscured by a screen. He will take an oath of office, receive the homage of his subjects, and then return in the Gold state coach to Buckingham Palace.

Here Is How You Can Watch the Coronation

The coronation will be available on many cable television networks. Here are the major television networks which will cover the event, per USA Today.

ABC/ Good Morning America: Begins at 5 a.m. EST.

BBC: Begins at 2:30 a.m. EST.

CBS/Paramount: Begins at 5 a.m. EST until 10 p.m. EST.

CNN: Begins at 5 a.m. EST until 12 p.m. EST.

Fox News: Begins at 5 a.m. EST.

NBC: Begins at 5 a.m. EST.

Livestream Updates Will Be Available via the Following Platforms

  • “Today” show on NBC
  • ABC News Live
  • BBC
  • Britbox by BBC and iTV
  • CNN
  • DirecTV
  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • NBC News
  • Paramount+
  • Sky News YouTube channel
  • Sling TV
  • The New York Times

Here’s How to Watch the Coronation Concert on May 7

The coronation concert will be held at Windsor Castle in front of a live audience. So far, it seems as though the concert may solely be available via BBC’s platforms. These include BBC One, BBC iPlayer, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds. Anyone outside of the UK can watch the concert on BBC News Channel or listen on World Service.

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