The Christmas Prank Trend Has People Wrapping Gift Cards To Look Like Full Size Cars

Oh the joys that come from the new generation. Social media is now a completely normalized part of society, and as each new social media platform becomes more and more popular, everyone suddenly gets a chance to share their wacky, but creative ideas. Hours of entertainment lies inside the screens of our phones.

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The biggest asset the internet provides is the ability to make “trends” and/or certain pranks go viral, weirdly unifying the online community in watching each other try and do the same things that everyone else is doing. And what better way to set trends than some innocent holiday season pranking, that’s actually wholesome for once?!

DIY Christmas Gift Prank

You can’t deny how fun it is to watch your loved ones open presents, but they haven’t a clue what you actually could’ve gotten them. Well, users on the social media platform, TikTok, created an innocent Christmas gift prank that’s totally DIY and actually super fun and creative. TikTokers are taking wrapping paper, gift boxes, gift wraps and gift wrapping their great gifts into prank gifts. They’re taking the actual presents and wrapping them in a way that completely throws off what it could be.

DIY Christmas Gift Prank On TikTok


this took me forever 😭 #Juixxe #GiftWrap #christmas #dontletthisflop

♬ Pennies from Heaven – Louis Prima

One girl took new clothes and wrapped them up so complexly that she made it look like a chair. Another guy took an Apple watch and turned it into a step-ladder! And another girl took a sweater and turned it into an entire picnic table! It’s insane how creative these pranksters are.

Using Wrapping Paper For More Than Christmas Gifts


#greenscreenvideo please don’t let this flop it took forever 🥺✨ #fyp #wrappinggifts #christmas #Artmas #foryou #viral

♬ Pennies from Heaven – Louis Prima

The videos are paired with Louis Prima’s rendition of “Pennies From Heaven,” so if you’re scrolling down any of your feeds and you hear that song, you might be in for an interesting surprise. But like most pranks, some can go over the edge. Another Tiktoker took a Subway gift card and turned it into a full-sized car. I do feel like that was a little unfair and too much to turn a stocking stuffer into something way bigger than what it actually is. But you can’t help but be blown away by all the funny gifts. I mean, a car would be really tough to stick under the Christmas tree.

TikTok Christmas Prank Gone Too Far?


Christmas gift for my sister 🤫 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #christmas

♬ Pennies from Heaven – Louis Prima

However, I can see this prank as a perfect ploy for a white elephant gift. People would be stealing gag gifts from each other thinking that the stolen gift was actually a cool gift idea, only to open it and realize that they’ve been stumped.

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