A 12-year veteran of the New York Police Department was shot in the head early on Wednesday in what police sources are categorizing as an assassination. Miosotis Familia, 48, dies of her injuries after being rushed to a hospital.

The officer was sitting in her parked patrol car in the Bronx during the unprovoked attack.

According to the Associated Press, the officer’s partner radioed for helped while nearby police officers gave chase to the suspect.

“The suspect drew a revolver, and the officers fatally shot him,” the AP reported.

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An anonymous source told the New York Post that the incident is believed to have been an attempted cop assassination.

A witness told the New York Post that the situation quickly turned to bedlam.

“I was in this bodega right here on Crescent, just getting a sandwich, and all of a sudden there was all this running and stuff going on, and I look out probably 40, 50, 60 cops screaming, ‘Call a paramedic, clear the block!’” the witness said.

According to police, a bystander was hit in the stomach by a bullet during the confrontation, but they are now in stable condition.

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