A pitiful burglary goes from “Crime Pays” to crime pains with one poor brick toss Screenshot/Anvato

These two would-be burglars might have been thinking “crime pays,” but the video of their attempted break-in is more “Crime Pains.” Add a little Keystone Cops in there, too.

The clip was recorded by a surveillance camera mounted to a building in Shanghai, China, according to the Daily Mail. It was recording in the early hours of Valentine’s Day when two men strolled up to the building, both carrying a brick — and both keen on using it on a window just under the camera.

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As one man steps up to the window and begins to smash it with the brick, his accomplice stands back and winds up for a throw.

But the man closest to the window backs off at exactly the wrong time — stepping backwards into the path of his partner’s brick just as he throws it.

The hit is instant, and the effects immediate. It’s lights out for the one would-be burglar, who’s dragged off-camera by his accomplice. That’ll leave quite the mark.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau, who released the clip on Chinese social media, reportedly wrote “If all burglars were like this, we wouldn’t need to work overtime,” per 9News. The Daily Mail reports that the footage has been viewed over 15 million times.

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