Man Checks Security Footage And Finds Huge and Hungry Overnight Visitor

A man in Colorado Springs, Colorado, woke up one morning to find that overnight night his home had been completely ransacked. Thinking burglars had broken in, he checked his security camera footage, and found that the culprit. It was actually a 375-pound bear.

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“A HUGE BEAR broke into my home last night while I was sleeping !!,” homeowner Chris O’Dubhraic wrote on Facebook. As well as pictures from the security footage. “He stayed for about 4½ hours walking around the kitchen (trashed and ripped 8 foot door off ), investigated all open bedrooms, family room, and the deck to relax!!”

Black Bear Breaks Into Home

The video shows the bear walking around on its hind legs in the kitchen looking for human food. Opening the fridge with his paw, this smart bear ate strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and organic apple oatmeal. The dangerous bear also ripped the pantry door off its hinges and wrecked the metal trash compactor. After trashing the kitchen, the animal walked through some downstairs bedrooms and then left the house around 4:30 a.m.

A Scary Moment!

Wildlife officials of the local Colorado Parks and Wildlife informed Chris O’Dubhraic that there were numerous incidents of the bear. Also that this imminent threat would likely return for more food. Authorities also believe it was the same bear that had previously followed a woman’s car into her garage and trapped her inside so it could look for food.

Bill Vogrin, public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife told the Gazette, “Our biologist believes it had learned the cues of the sound of a garage door opening. It had learned that the sound of a garage door opening meant dinner.”

To spare neighboring people the possibility of being harmed by the animal, wildlife officers shot and killed it. Vogrin stated, “If they had called us four years ago, we could have scared it back in the woods and taught it that humans are to be feared and homes avoided. Instead, it learned humans are not to be feared and homes are a source of food.”

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